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Farfalla in Italian means butterfly. Butterflies best symbolize change, transformation and celebration. Let us transform your celebration into a truly unforgettable event.


Molly Jacobs, owner of Farfalla Events and Design, LLC has been planning a wide variety of events since 2002. Her experience includes managing weddings and events at one of the peninsula's premier event venues for eight years.
Molly's first hand experience and knowledge, makes her a true asset in assisting you with your big day. Her warm and inviting personality along with her creativity and attention to detail will far surpass your expectations.

“Event planning is my true passion and Farfalla Events and Design is my labor of love. From the first event I planned, I knew I was addicted to creating unforgettable events of all types. I am so fortunate to get up every day and do something I absolutely love doing. There is nothing more rewarding and gratifying then being a part of someone's special day no matter what the occasion.”
— Molly Jacobs

Ramya K

I just got married a month ago and cannot believe that I really did end up having my fairy tale dream wedding! The whole process of planning was difficult due to me and my husbands schedule but Molly was there every step of the way. I realty don't know what I would have done without her help. I hired Farfalla Events for the day of the Wedding, but Molly was there the whole step of the way. She kept me on task and gave me advice. She realty was all of our saving graces!She was so accommodating and really made sure that we had the wedding that WE wanted! I cannot thank Molly enough for everything she has done and all the time she took to work with us! We've already started recommending her to our friends!!

Veronica P

Molly was amazing! I had her services for day of my wedding and she went above an beyond. She was very helpful!! had built and planned my entire wedding from having several different vendors being that the place I had it was strictly a ballroom came with just a bar, chairs and tables it made things a little more complicated. I had a Lot of small details, a huge guest List and a mixture of two different cultures. Molly w. great when I first noes her I knew she was just what I needed to Execute my complex wedding! She was always on the same page as me she was very good at adjusting my time line to make everything fit in just right. Most of all she was very passionate at what she does at my other vendors loved her they worked wet with her! If you want an organized motivated jump through the hoops type of planner I would say you would be very pleased with Molly! She also is very Reasonable in price! thanks again Farfalla for making my day perfect!

by a member

Molly went above and beyond for our October 2014 wedding. I brought Molly on a few weeks prior to our wedding. She made sure to have a couple pre-wedding meetings, where she took notes and asked what my vision was. I had so many hand crafted details and items from my Pinterest board. Molly took the task on with confidence and everything was perfect the day of. She even made a "Gluten Free' sign for the desserts for our guests!! did not worry about a thing on my wedding day because I knew Molly would be able to handle anything. She was present for our rehearsal and helped tie up any loose ends. I fully stand by Molly and would recommend her for your event!

Deanna F

Molly is AMAZING! The owner of our original yenue made it impossible to have our wedding there. Molly stepped in and took some stress off of me. The day of our wedding ran perfectly. If there were any problems, I sure didn't know about them because Molly handled EVERYTHING ! Well worth every cent!

Samantha C

Molly was absolutely AMAZING and my wedding day would not have been the perfect day it was without her. I used Farfalla Events for day of coordination. I did most of my own planning, but I did not realize how many things I had not thought of until talking to Molly. She was on top of everything! She responded practically immediately to all phone calls and emails and was always easy to reach. She did my entire timeline for me prior to the event. On the day of, she arrived early and seemed to be in a million places at once. She took care of everything and helped in so many ways. She was flexible and helped me stay calm when things did not go according to plan. Hands down, my day was perfect BECAUSE of Molly and Farfalla events.

Sashini W

We recently worked with Molly on our wine country wedding and we were so pleased with her. Molly was hands on throughout the process and listened to my concerns and what we wanted on the day of. She seamlessly worked with the venue and other vendors, allowing everything to run smoothly. We would highly recommend Molly to anyone looking for a professional, organized, and affordable wedding planner.